Work and stuff

My command is rapidly approching a major inspection.  As such, we are being kept very busy.  As a metalworker and plumber among other things, I have a lot of stuff to fix with my minions.

The Supreme Court has mandated that the State of California release several thousand prisoners to reduce overcrowding.  I have two better ideas. Deport any illegal immigrant currently being held(thank you, Tennessee) and bring back the death penalty. Problem solved.  A guy out here robbed a bank for one dollar so he could get arrested and get health care.  I think prisons should be much simpler.  If I recall my US Civics class properly, inmates are not supposed to live better than the public at large.  I say give them military BC glasses instead of designer frames, a minimal gym and a small TV if any at all.  As it is, I made sure my rifle and pistol are in good working order and my lovely knows how to use them.  She got the eight ring on her first try at a standard NRA pistol target.  Even though .40 Smith is a strong round, I explained to her that if its worth shooting, it is worth shooting twice.  If any dirtbag comes to my door, I feel my family will be ready.

A California lawmaker got busted for DUI. it was below the fold news.  He fessed up and promised to behave. I can appreciate his embarassment.  I was there not so long ago myself.



We almost failed to sail last week.  We were shiting from shore power to ship power and the switchboard pooped the bed.  We are preparing for INSURV, a Congress mandated inspection.  A lot of work.  I will be trying to blog regularly from now on.