Weld/Grind School

I am in school right now.  I have never been addressed by my proper rate and rank so often.  I ran across one of my old Chiefs today.  He is now a Senior Chief.  I also learned that another Chief I worker for became a warrant officer.  I must pass this school to get the orders I want.  That is all. Fall out a carry out the plan of the day.


Memorial Day

Another Memorial Day is upon us. While it can be a celebration of life, it is also a time to remember those who have sacrificed. A major theme of this blog is “…Those who have gone before.” Every Memorial Day I get quite emotional. I have personally met men who later died in battle or sneak attacks. It would take one misstep, or one fluke for me to join their ranks.

For most men of arms that I know, it is a time of deep reflection.

“Will my family be taken care of if I’m gone?”
“What will my parents think?”
“Will I honor my family and my service by my actions?”

About 2 years ago, I had a post about my personal honor roll. As with any warrior, it grows every year. On the one hand, I am thankful I am still here. On the other, there but for the grace of God go I.

We had 2 sailors die in a mudslide this year. There was nothing we could do about it. They were living in that location because of their duty station. This is their day just as much as those who have died in combat.

There are others as well. Many warriors suffer from PTSD. This is their day too. Some of their sanity was lost at war.

By all means, honor our men and women of the Armed Forces. But this is a day for them to honor their lost brothers and sisters or fathers and mothers. For some, it is quite personal.

This is not a day to praise a veteran or an active Armed Service member. It is a day to thank the young child that will never meet their father. It is a day to thank the Gold Star mother or wife. It is a day to remember the father who had to bury his son. That is an inversion of the natural order.

We have our days. We have Armed Forces Day and Veteran’s Day. This is our day to honor our fallen brethren. We shall drink and carry on, because that is the way the military honors their own. We will remember funny anecdotes and stories.

On Monday, we will be placing flags on the graves of veterans at the local cemetery. It Is a small action. It means the world to some. I find it to be quite an honor.

That is all. Always remember. Fall out and carry out the plan of the day.

Gun Stuff

I have been trying in vain to get a scope on my Winchester rifle. At the point of no return, I went back to first principles. If you can’t do the assigned task, stop and ask someone more qualified. So I gathered my various pieces of equipment and went to the local “Emporium of All Things Sporting Goods”. Because I bought the scope kit from them, install was free. While we were there, Mrs. Snipe found a few things for the Pocket Monkey and I on the clearance racks.

No fewer than 5 people commented on my rifle. My inner gun geek is still giggling like a school girl over that. My rifle is a Pre ’64 Featherweight Model 70, chambered for .270. My brother in law recognized it as a sniper rifle based on the description over the phone. I take good care of it. One old timer commented on the stock. One guy commented on the overall rifle. I was asked if I inherited it. I replied that I bought it from a gun show. The store guys wondered audibly how someone could luck into such a fine rifle. I was amused.

I got my scope installed and bore sighted. The 83 dollars I spent there was for other stuff. I got one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, a couple boxes of shotgun ammo, a parka, and some jerky for the above price.

Tomorrow, I plan to go and sight the scope. I want to get a deer with that rifle this year. The son likes all things sniper. He thinks that it is the coolest rifle ever.

The Model 70 is the Rifleman’s Rifle. If I ever get into Appleseed, it is the rifle I will use. I believe that it is one of the best bolt actions ever made. That is all. Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day.

Deadly force revisited

I believe every man should be quick to think and slow to speak. After letting the jury decision in Florida marinate in my mind, I have a few things to say. In the first place, our system was designed to let a few guilty go free in order to protect the innocent. I still personally think all parties f’ed up completely.

First my bona fides. I stood on gun crews and armed watch for 3 years. I had a civilian CCW for a comparable number of years. Your tax dollars have trained me well in the art of shooting bad guys.

Every man has the right to self defense. In the military, we have rules, regulations and Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) on when we can shoot and what to do in the meantime(baton, OC, etc..). The right of self defense remains un-impeached in all cases.

On a crew served weapon, you must wait for orders to fire, unless you are fired upon. If you are fired upon, self defense is authorized. This is a federal requirement.

I am naturally inclined to agree with the jury in the Zimmerman trial. They heard all the evidence and facts. I personally think the jury could have been more diverse.

Reasonable doubt. If you can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, the accused is innocent. Like it or not, those are the rules. The libs are pissed because their well-oiled machine couldn’t railroad an innocent man.

Stand your ground. I grew up knowing that in my state, you had to be in the “farthest corner of your house” before you could legally return fire. I like the Castle Doctrine. Why should I corner myself to give the bad guys a fighting chance? In the US Armed Forces, they teach us speed, surprise and violence of action. Why shouldn’t civilians have the same rules?

The takeaway is, if either party walked away when appropriate, this would be a moot point. I wasn’t there. I may have shot, also. I think it is tragic. I also wish that the administration would spend even half as much effort on Benghazi.

Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day.

Work and blogging

The difference between being an HT1 this time and HT1 last time is the sailors. I have HT2’s working in my shop that are solid. We are a small shop. HT2’s and HT1’s. That’s it. No Firemen, no HT3s. An HT2 has been in long enough to know the score. Mistakes happen. They are man enough to admit when they goofed and keep us out of the limelight(the bad spotlight). On the tender, I had a bunch of new misfits. Never a dull moment, but I took a lot of heat for various rookie mistakes. My shop also has 2 Eagle Scouts, of which I am one. That giu6ves us stuff to blow smoke about when the workload is slow.

We accomplished several complex tasks today while the boss HT1 is on leave. We succeeded and I was proud. I started following various blogs and plan to go through all my blog friends and add the links from their blog rolls that correspond to my interests and world view.

That is all. Be Prepared. Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day.