To the shores of Tripoli redux

So, the US Armed Forces find themselves kicking Libyan butt again.  As I explained today, we are doing this to save civilians from being murdered by their own government.  As for PrezBo’s “no ground troops”, sounds like Bosnia all over again.  If we are going to fight, bring everything.  Don’t tell the enemy what you won’t do.  That will just teach the enemy how to exploit you.  These a-holes need to read Sun Tzu.


More than just might

I feel compelled to comment on the recent tragedy in Japan.  According to most major news sources, this is the most major tragedy to hit Japan since World War 2.  I was not surprised to learn that the USS Ronald Reagan Strike Group is providing humanitarian aid.  An aircraft carrier can carry or make several thousand gallons of fuel and water.  It also carries a lot of food.  Thanks to modern technology, it can also receive food from its ship’s in company and other area bases.  The duality is impressive.  Hands that harm, and hands that heal.


Amazing how a smaller workshop can change your perspective.  A conversation from work today while manufacturing a bracket by hand.

” Fireman F, do you know what I miss?”

“Being a shipfitter?”

“This is shipfitting.  I miss being a shipfitter with all the right and best tools at my disposal.  We had a machine.  Holler  ‘Clear the buffalo’ push a button, and you’d have your holes punched”.

HTFN F, ” Lucky bastard.  I wanna try that.”

I never thought I would miss the rerpair ship, but lo and behold, now I do.  As a former XO once said, “Best two ships in the navy boys.  The one you just left and the one you are going to.”

A new computer and other stuff

I finally have a new home computer.  Blogging should increase dramatically.  I showed my fiance a new recipe the other day.  You may call it Instant Shepherd’s Pie.

1 package of instant mashed potatoes

1 package of corn

1 pound of ground beef.

Onion, chopped

Cook some onion in with the beef.  Cook corn and taters separately.  Mix the cooked items in a big bowl and serve.