Late Father’s Day post

Fortunately, my Dad is still alive, well and giving me advice.  This video is from one of my favorite songs growing up.  I have a lot of good memories of my Dad.  Although he and Mom got divorced, he took pains to make time for my brother and I.  He taught me to ride well, shoot straight and speak the truth.  He would bring home apples, or Rolos in his lunch box to give to my brother and I.  To this day, I can’t eat Rolos without thinking about Dad.


A righteous funk

The muse had absconded for a time with my wordsmithing abilities.  Couple that with work clusterflops(you know the real word) from everywhere.  A brief recap of events.

Little bro is getting married.  Making it to the wedding is looking more and more dubious.

Despite all the haters, Transformers 2 was a damn fine movie.  The money quote was “It’s supposed to hurt, it’s an ass kicking!” 

Ultimatums don’t sit well with this stubborn snipe.  Me or them almost always leads to Me choosing Them.

My current big gray floaty thing failed miserably at our last mission.  A very simple go hither and support those assets that shall not be mentioned.  We weren’t even halfway hither when the fertilizer hit the rotating air movement device.  Details left out for Mr. OPSEC.  Dead in the water for a bit and then RTB.  In peacetime, safety of the crew is paramount.  Had that been a wartime mission, we would have made do and strove(strived?) forward. 

Lady problems.  She tried the choose me or choose them and I ran like hell.  She realized her error, and now I am left with a conundrum of biblical proportions.  Return or not return.  Dad thinks return carefully but watch for warning signs.