GEAR 10 and other stuff

One of my boys from the ship loaned me a computer.  Blogging should resume at a more regular interval.  Yesterday was Guam Extreme Adventure Race 10.  One guy from the ship, not my teams, had to be MEDEVACed.  I was qute impressed with the SAR unit.  When the word came, the SAR runner was in his go faster gear pretty quick.  He made a 45 min jungle run in about 30 minutes.  HSC 25 made an expert basket rescue shortly after that.  The character of the other racers is such that when the distress call came in with the rough location, every support crew for every team there began scanning the jungle for the distress marker.



My full time computer is still blooey!  This post is from one of them public computers I used to do some other business on earlier.  Due to folks in the shop deploying for various missions and support, I am suddenly the only person in the shipfitter shop with both supervisory quals(controlled and non-controlled maintenance).  My best buddy got kicked out of the Navy because his father in law, a SCPO, called the Guam cops on him from New York when his daughter wasn’t being treated like a princess and exaggerated the problem to her dad.  My girlfriends brother lost his temper one day and almost got pepper sprayed IAW the use of force continuum.  I must say, non lethal weapons are sometimes a much more viable option, and sometimes even reasonable.