DADT Repeal News

We received training today on the looming official date of the repeal of DADT.  Very boring.  One and a half hours training could be summed up in about a paragraph worth of words.  Here are the high points.

No fag bashing.  No straight bashing. No sexual harassment regardless of gender(male to male, male to female, etc).  Professional conduct in and out of uniform will still be expected and enforced.  No flamboyant nonsense while in uniform.  A few policy changes that really aren’t important.  As with any brief, there were some good questions and some dumb ones. 

In other news, I completed gas free engineer/gas free petty oficer school. Papaw was right.  I will never get away from math.  A lot of calculating volumes, and converting various units of measure.  I am now qualified as a “competent person” for the purposes of atmospheric testing.  I received 88 percent.  Not bad, but I was aiming for 90 or above.  Tomorrow, is more school, for something else.


Budget woes and other stuff

Apparently, the rebels in Libya are associated with Al-Qaeda.  Apparently, our Commander-In-Chief is not that bright. Does anyone else notice that the President is finally trying to act like a leader?  I think that he is hoping he can blame this budget clusterflop on the Republicans.  As for the Republicans, if they don’t start fielding legitimate candidates, I might start registering Independent.