OMG. He’s Got a Gun!

We have recently been doing site sales for Boy Scout popcorn. Washington is an open carry state. When one of my neighbors happened to our sale, openly carrying his pistol, one of the Cub moms almost pooped. I had to explain to her the way things work. The following is a rough approximation of our conversation.

“OMG!. He had a gun!” said Cub Mom.
“He was open carrying. There was a good chance he meant no harm. Besides, he’s my neighbor, and I have spoken to him before,” said I.
“Can he do that? Is that legal?.”
“Yes. And if someone is open carrying, it is highly unlikely that he is up to no good. Matter of fact, I am willing to wager that if someone tried to rob us, he would be the first person to draw down and defend us.”

Cub Mom went on to ramble for a few more moments, while I tried to explain that if people are open carrying, it is a good thing. I don’t personally open carry because I don’t want the hassle. Some A-Hole might call 911. However, if a fellow citizen wants to open carry, go for it. I know who can back me up when the fertilizer hits the ventilator.

At least half of our adult leaders have concealed carry permits. They have a weapon at almost every meeting. It is irresponsible not to. My paperwork is in progress to renew my CCW. You may bet your last pair of shoes that I will carry when my permit is renewed. I want 10 chances to tell a bad guy no.

I knew that man was my neighbor because I have spoken to him. On of the reasons was because he was open carrying. I asked him if any A-Hole had called 911 on him recently and he chuckled. As a country, we need to get back to loving and trusting our neighbors. They are the ones who defend us. They are the ones who watch out for our loved ones when we are away. I might seem old fashioned, but some things just work.

That is all. Fall out and carry out the plan of the day.


Cracker barrel

In the many BSA camps I attended in my youth, Saturday night snack/fellowship was a mix of several snack foods. In that vein, this post will have several comments on the multiple thoughts in my head.

Constitution Day. I was once given a pocket copy of the US Constitution by a Master Chief I worked for. His unsolicited explanation was that every sailor should read what they have sworn to defend. I agree.

Military bases arming everyone!? It might surprise you to know that the military has a large number of people that remind one of Barney Fife. Fireman Pokey from the Auxiliary Ship for one example. During OIF, my CG considered arming the engineering rover and watch officer. That idea got no traction because some of the engineers in both watch stations had issues. COs can authorize personal weapons on base, but rarely do for the aforementioned reasons.

PRT and diets Ask any Southern or Southernish person you know, and they will tell you that no matter how much you church up a veggie soup, if it doesn’t have meat in it, it is tedious to eat.

Clearances. I have one. The screening was quite tedious and the process lengthy. I suspect that some “sacred” groups get more of a pass than others. There are several things that the check goes over, some of which would fail you for owning a gun under current law.

Race and other factors. Predictably, there was no liberal outcry over the skin tone. Their house of cards is falling down around their ears, and would be amusing if it wasn’t so perilous to this once great country.

Gun control and information control. There were a number of violations of current gun laws, presumably due to no one wanting to be called racist. 3 firearms misuses in 3 states would be enough to get most people DQ’d for any firearm purchase, as well as almost any government clearance. A certain Senator from Cali is realizing that “undocumented journalists” have the power to upset the liberal’s apple cart and is trying to compartmentalize and dissect the 1st Amendment in ways reminiscent of how they butchered the 2nd. Everyone laughed at gun guys when we predicted this. By the way, there is no such thing on the civilian market as an AR-15 shotgun. There is an under barrel grenade launcher with beehive rounds for the M-4 that is highly illegal on the civilian market. Dude used the VP’s preferred weapon, but no one in the propaganda arm of the DNC wants to make the VP look dumb(er). Instead of outlawing guns, why don’t we outlaw murder? Oh, wait, we have? How come there are still murders? That was a rhetorical question.

General food for thought. If you open carry, a revolver makes you look like a cowboy. Some guns make you look like a lunatic. I know that is dumb, but image carries a lot of weight.

That is all. Fall out and carry out the plan of the day.

Dad stuff

Pocket Monkey has been bored for the past couple of days. Apparently, being on summer vacation while your Dad is working is horribly torturous. Yesterday afternoon, we played catch with a baseball and a few neighbor kids started playing, too. Until the ball got accidentally launched into a briar patch that none of us were equipped to overcome. Today, we played pass the soccer ball. I am not a big soccer fan, but time spent with PM is worth its weight in gold. We also had some shenanigans in the local concrete swimming hole.

Tomorrow I get to help with a teambuilding clean-up project and play softball. I love softball. I have been known to play until I can’t feel my extremities.

We now have a neighborhood raccoon that my idiot neighbors like to feed. I want to nail it with a crossbow, but the neighbors are not convinced. Have I mentioned that Washington has a large amount of tree huggers? If the crossbow is off limits, I want to take Pocket Monkey and make a snare or deadfall trap. Because these are unattended traps, that will also leave fewer witnesses. Give me some parachute cord and an hour, and I will make some magic. Add a machete, and my creativity is almost Disney-like. I almost feel like they guy in Caddyshack chasing gophers. I want to dispose of the varmint. I briefly considered using the .22 because it tis the quietest gun I own. I live inside city limits, so that idea landed squarely in bad idea territory.

I shall keep you apprised. Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day.

Deadly force revisited

I believe every man should be quick to think and slow to speak. After letting the jury decision in Florida marinate in my mind, I have a few things to say. In the first place, our system was designed to let a few guilty go free in order to protect the innocent. I still personally think all parties f’ed up completely.

First my bona fides. I stood on gun crews and armed watch for 3 years. I had a civilian CCW for a comparable number of years. Your tax dollars have trained me well in the art of shooting bad guys.

Every man has the right to self defense. In the military, we have rules, regulations and Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) on when we can shoot and what to do in the meantime(baton, OC, etc..). The right of self defense remains un-impeached in all cases.

On a crew served weapon, you must wait for orders to fire, unless you are fired upon. If you are fired upon, self defense is authorized. This is a federal requirement.

I am naturally inclined to agree with the jury in the Zimmerman trial. They heard all the evidence and facts. I personally think the jury could have been more diverse.

Reasonable doubt. If you can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, the accused is innocent. Like it or not, those are the rules. The libs are pissed because their well-oiled machine couldn’t railroad an innocent man.

Stand your ground. I grew up knowing that in my state, you had to be in the “farthest corner of your house” before you could legally return fire. I like the Castle Doctrine. Why should I corner myself to give the bad guys a fighting chance? In the US Armed Forces, they teach us speed, surprise and violence of action. Why shouldn’t civilians have the same rules?

The takeaway is, if either party walked away when appropriate, this would be a moot point. I wasn’t there. I may have shot, also. I think it is tragic. I also wish that the administration would spend even half as much effort on Benghazi.

Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day.

Victim Intervention

Today, we got to sit through a seminar on how to prevent people from becoming victims.  The videos were predictably cheesy, and allegedly based on true stories.  There is a major PSA campaign right now about “No sailor stands watch alone”.  That is true.  The ultimate question that arises is, would I help?  It was presented as a duty, which stands equal to being a sentry, to prevent and/or report attempted sexual assault.  As a former, and hopefully, soon to be again, CCW license holder, the question comes to would I use my weapon to prevent a sexual assault?  What if I read the situation wrong?  Do I chance losing my CCW?  What if I am so scared of losing my CCW that I don’t interfere and someone becomes a victim?  Do I keep my weapon concealed and use my wits?

I believe the safest course would be to keep the weapon holstered and try some verbal shucking and jiving, and then elevate levels of force as necessary. I decided to look at it from a clinical first aid/emergency responder scenario.  Perhaps along these lines,

“Miss, are you OK?  Is this man bothering you.”

If she answers that she is being bothered, confront the offender from a safe distance (survival gap).  “Hey dude, she ain’t interested. Take a hike”.

After that, everything depends on how the offender answers/reacts.  Remember, though, a gun in your pocket doesn’t make you right, nor does it make you law enforcement.  That being said, one of the reasons to use deadly force against someone is to prevent a serious offense(rape, murder,etc) against persons.  Let us analyze further.  You were unprovoked.  You could have walked away.  Nobody is the wiser.

When I put my Mrs. Snipe or Pocket Monkey as a victim, I hope to God someone will intervene.  On that level, I feel it is only right for me to intervene on someone’s behalf.  I believe in that case, it would be prudent to leave the weapon concealed until it becomes necessary.  Feel free to add your .02 in the comments section.

Final thought, if the female has a concealed pistol, she can say no very convincingly, and up to 10 times(CA compliant magazine).

Gun Stuff

I am from WV.  I grew up around guns.  When I turned 21 I wanted to buy a pistol before I wanted to buy a beer(I turned 25 before I finally got one due to duty locations and such).  I regularly read gun blogs.  I currently own 1 pistol, 2 bolt action rifles, and a shotgun.  The shotgun was inherited from my late paternal grandfather.  Dad is safekeeping it until I return east.

The pistol is an SW 99 chambered for .40 cal.  I am competent with it and I enjoy carrying it and shooting it.  When my CCW was active, I carried every time I went to Utah just because I could.

My first bolt action rifle was a Marlin .22 Buckaroo.  I got it when I was 8 years old.  I can plink all day and only spend 40 bucks.

My hunting rifle is a Winchester Model 70 chambered for .270.  “The Rifleman’s Rifle”.  I bought it in CA.  The 30-06 version was used byUSMC sniper plattoons in Vietnam.  I opted for .270 because of where I typically hunt.

I also have a .50 cal Kentucky Long Rifle in blackpowder.  It extends my hunting season and I remember Hawkeye using a similar rifle in Last of the Mohicans.  Dad bought one for me and brother to when we were in junior high school.