A novel idea for saving money on books

I had a very novel idea hit me today.  I can save hundreds of dollars on books by getting a library card.  Both San Diego city and county have excellent library systems.  I just got done looking up freshman recommended and CNO recommended reading lists in pursuit of getting max credit for college before actually starting classes.  I realize that I need a degree, and it is extra points on the nave wide exams.  I figure if I read a few useful books, I can test out of a few subjects and save the Navy some money on my higher education.



As I am still in the business of moving into my new place, I have limited time to post. Standby for more later on.

Humble Cooking for Busy Folk

I like to eat.  I like to cook.  Recently, as I am saving money to help buy my love a plane ticket, I have been eating simple food.  If I plan ahead, my leftovers are lunch the following day.  In the 11 years I have been in the Navy, I have learned all kinds of neat little tricks to warming or cooling food on a ship without the use of a reefer.  Remember the Tool Time episode with Tim’s construction buddies cooking on the job site?  Not too far from the truth.  Honestly, my slow cooker has saved me all kinds of hassle.  Tanker, over at www.mostlycajun.com deals extensively with cooking good fare rather inexpensively.  I have copied.  A lot.  His Cajun pot roast is always hit when I do it up and add a couple of my own twists.

Beans and adventures.

While I am waiting for the remainder of my household goods to arrive, I have been surviving adventure style.  Dinner this evening will be black beans with sausage and onions.  That will also be lunch for a few days.  My bed is a twin inflatable air mattress.  The beverages of choosing have been dollar store knockoffs, unless the Safeway has something for less on sale.  One night, I will probably make a Boy Scout Dinner.  Chopped beef, and veggies wrapped in tin foil and baked.  Simple, filling food, and minimum cleanup.  While exploring my new neighborhood, I found a nice looking deli.  I will probably try them for lunch one day this weekend.  Until my TV gets here, along with all of my DVDs, I have been entertaining myself by reading.  My Dad and I had a good laugh at my current situation last night.  I am living, for a brief moment, like he did when he first got divorced until he got his apartment furnished.  I will say, the occasional humble living situation is pretty good medicine.