Score one for backward hillbillies

Keith Morgan exposes a lame stream media journalist for what he is by using simple facts and logic.  Hat tip to

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The Scouting Trail

Pocket Monkey decided a few months back that he wanted to be a Cub Scout.  I was stoked.  He was thus far enjoyed it and earned a few awards.  Tonight was the Blue and Gold Banquet.  We had a spaghetti western theme.  For the gathering activity, the boys were given a checklist of people to find(different color eyes, born out of state, Eagle Scout, etc).  I was one of only a couple of Eagle Scouts in the room.  As usual, I was wearing an Eagle Scout shirt with a subdued design. The boys were timid to ask me to sign their list at first. I signed each one with a smile because a Scout is cheerful.    After the meal, we retired a tattered and worn US Flag in accordance with the laws and traditions governing such endeavors.  It was a moving ceremony.  For those wondering how to do it, here is an abridged play by play hitting the most important parts.

First the field of 50 stars must be removed from the flag by cutting neatly. Then, you cut the stripes into 13 sections.  Depending on the ceremony style, at some point it must be mentioned that the flag is not being burned in anger, but out of reverence.  Solemn patriotic may be played quietly in the background.  The Webelos Den read a summary of the meaning of the various parts of the flag.  As the summary was read for each piece, the appropriate portion was brought forward and placed respectfully in the fire.  Most Scout troops and veteran’s organizations will do it for you if you ask. Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day,

Current events

Just like every other person on earth, sometimes I face apathy and depression.  When I see what my country is coming to, sometimes I wonder, why bother?  I swore an oath to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic.  The foreign enemies are easy to defend against.  The domestic ones, not so much.  I have the utmost faith in the Holy Bible and the US Constitution.  People are trying to undermine or destroy both.  It irritates and depresses me.  I will give my life to uphold both documents.  That is all. Fall out and carry out the plan of the day.