Beer blogging

I can always think of stuff to blog about when I am miles away from a computer.  Anyway, here is how I became an HT2 again.  AKA the paygrade so nice, I made it twice.  I was at a neighbor’s house and drank a few beers.  I was taking my girlfriend home and missed the turn.  My girlfriend is small of stature, and easily mistaken for a minor.  I was racially profiled by Guam Police Department, and it went down hill from there.  I blew a .05, but because I was a white boy dating a local, I got the special treatment from GPD.  When they stopped us, they asked for her ID.  I went to NJP, and lost a paygrade and a few thousand dollars.


Just another Navy day

My new job is quite satisfying.  For the past few days, we have been doing work which requires both a strong back and a strong mind. 

“HT2, this is broke, figure out why, then fix it.  Take a new guy with you.”

That is how my days usually begin.  Although I am new at the command, I have been in the Navy long enough that I am not really considered a complete new guy.  Most of the stuff we fixed this week averages about 20 pounds a piece.  I am neglecting to mention what we fixed because of OPSEC. 

OPSEC is “loose lips sink ships, loose tweets sink fleets.”

Wow. Just wow.

My fiance’s sister really doesn’t want us to get married.  She keeps making up stories that are proved to be BS.  These are doozies folks.  When we first started dating, I keenly observed my fiance’s family members.  It turns out that her sister doesn’t want to be asked to fill her sister’s shoes helping her mom clean the church.  The future MIL for her part, realizes the stories for the bull they are.  We had a pretty good talk on the phone today about everything.    End rant.

In other news, it turns out that many of my Dad’s lessons apply today.  I have a set budget for food inorder to help my fiance with her plane ticket when the time comes.  When I was in high school, my Dad gave me a set amount of money for lunch.  I learned that if I ate in the cafeteria 4 days a week, I could afford two slices of pizza at the pizza place across the street on Friday.  Fast forward about a decade or so, and I am realizing that if I buy my meals at the exchange, which is cheaper than the galley if I’m smart, I can afford a casual sit down dinner one day on the weekend.

My new job

I am now a general HT again.  I can be called upon to conduct any part of my job at anytime, as well as damage control tasks.  My new battle station is nozzleman on the fire party.  As a shipfitter, I was a structural guy only.  Now, I can be a pipefitter, shipfitter, fire fighter, valve maintenance guy, and about a hundred other things.  Right now, I am cooling my heels in the bachelor quarters anxiously awaiting the arrival of my truck and my fiance.  I also started working out again.  I saw an announcement for a Navy boxing team mini camp.  I am thinking of trying that out.  I thoroughly enjoy combat sports, and there are no Universal Kempo schools here that I know of.

PCS and stuff

I have been visiting my Dad in Utah for the past few weeks.  As it is a relatively short drive from San Diego, it is logical that I should visit.  Utah has some of the most beautiful country in the US.  The drawbacks involve the booze and tobacco.  The tax on both is ridiculously high.  I now believe that Utah is the closest thing we have to an ideological government in the country.