Never underestimate the Power of the Sneaky

As I now have a girlfriend, Valentine’s Day is a little more important than it used to be.  Sunday morning, I told her I was going to buy a paper from the store.  I conveniently forgot to tell her it was the store that also had V-Day stuff.  One hour later, I returned with the appropriate flower and gift combo.


homemade salsa

The other night I wanted salsa.  I made it. 

Two cans of tomatoes, a handful of green onions, a half handful of garlic minced, some extra garlic powder because I like garlic, a healthy dose cumin, and two wild red peppers(birdseye peppers, basically) chopped.  Dump it in a bowl, mash it/mix it good.  Serve with chips of your choosing.  That is fairly normal San Diego salsa.  My Chamorro friends loved it.



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mmmm.  spam

Time and the waste thereof

Every military man I know is well versed on the importance of time.  We are routinely 15 minutes early to scheduled events to not waste the other’s time.  If I waste my money, I can earn more.  If I waste material, I can buy or build more.  If my time gets wasted, that’s it.  Gone.  Never to return.  I wish more civilians were aware of this concept.