A great find

I was at the library yesterday and came across a unique find at the book sale they were having.  A North Carolina cookbook.  I told my Dad, who was born in North Carolina.  He instructed me to look for barbecue sauce and banana pudding.  Apparently any NC cookbook worth the paper it is printed on has those two things in there.  It did.  I plan to try some of the recipes.  I like down home comfort food.  I plan to try the reuben casserole pretty soon.  I shall post the recipe and my review after I try it out.


Inspections and such

We have just completed a big inspection.  I have a few links to add to my blogroll.  Anyway, the soon to be Mrs. Snipe should be here in a couple of months.  I have been eating aboard ship due to our long hours, but today is cooking time.  I am going to borrow an idea from my little brother and make spaghetti using sausage ad ground beef for the sauce.  I have been following the upcoming election closely, and I am proud of the fact that we can have a revolution from a ballot box.

Book Review

Right now, I am reading “Spirit of Adventure” by Alvin Townley.  It was in an odd corner of the library I was in looking for a different book.  So far, I’ve laughed and cried.  It is a book that investigates the legacy that my generation of Eagle Scouts will leave behind.  The author interviews everybody from Navy Seals to doctoral students whose only common bond is having earned Eagle Scout.  I am a second generation Eagle Scout, and I would love nothing more than one of my or my brother’s children earning that same honor.  Just like me, these men are playing similar lessons in similar circumstances all over the world. 

In other news, my household goods are scheduled to arrive shortly.  I still plan to borrow books from the library to further my education, but at least I’ll have my dvd player for when I just want mindless background noise.