Work and stuff

My command is rapidly approching a major inspection.  As such, we are being kept very busy.  As a metalworker and plumber among other things, I have a lot of stuff to fix with my minions.

The Supreme Court has mandated that the State of California release several thousand prisoners to reduce overcrowding.  I have two better ideas. Deport any illegal immigrant currently being held(thank you, Tennessee) and bring back the death penalty. Problem solved.  A guy out here robbed a bank for one dollar so he could get arrested and get health care.  I think prisons should be much simpler.  If I recall my US Civics class properly, inmates are not supposed to live better than the public at large.  I say give them military BC glasses instead of designer frames, a minimal gym and a small TV if any at all.  As it is, I made sure my rifle and pistol are in good working order and my lovely knows how to use them.  She got the eight ring on her first try at a standard NRA pistol target.  Even though .40 Smith is a strong round, I explained to her that if its worth shooting, it is worth shooting twice.  If any dirtbag comes to my door, I feel my family will be ready.

A California lawmaker got busted for DUI. it was below the fold news.  He fessed up and promised to behave. I can appreciate his embarassment.  I was there not so long ago myself.


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