Kid stuff

My potential future step son is a riot.  He was helping his grandma gather coconuts for a dish she was going to make.  As 5 year olds are wont to do, he was full speed ahead the whole way, shaking c0conuts to see if they had juice.  To my amazement, his picks were the best.


Poems and stuff

Tanker at Mostly Cajun has posted a poem that I may go and put with “If” as a source of inspiration.  Whether you say Suck it up buttercup, drink water and drive on, or cowboy up, there is something exquisitely American about not quitting.  Movie quote from the Pacifier: Seal LT to protectee, ” I don’t understand much, but I definitely understand not quitting.  Follow the link.

Movies and PT

When I was young. my favorite movies was GI Joe.  The new young’un in the house likes Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Express.  All Mickey all the time.  I even called the fitness professional led PT we are being forced to do tonorrow, mousercise.  Those of my genre may remember that.  Speaking of PT, there is an MLKJ Memorial 5K(3.1 miles) run on Friday.  We will probably be voluntold to participate.

Work stuff

I was fortunate enough to have two good sailors on my job site today.  The HT3 was training the HTFN.  I just supervised and added my .02 where appropriate or necessary.  Simple bracket fixing stuff that any a-hole with a welding torch could accomplish.