Friday Foodie

I live in a large city.  Any food you want is just a matter of a little research and usually no more than a 30 minute drive.  Mrs. Snipe has been wanting oysters.  Today, we were in the Filipino section to get some accessories for her Magic Sing karaoke microphone.  Seafood for extra cheap.  We walked away with a sack full of oysters, two decent sized tilapia, cheese rings, pork rinds, and two cold drinks for the road for about 25 bucks.  Good luck finding that at the commisary or Safeway.  We grilled the seafood for dinner and it shall be accompanied with frosty adult beverages.  Root beer for Pocket Monkey.



I am a sucker for lists.  When I see a list of the top whatever, I usually read it and compare notes through the lens of my experience.  Via CDR Salamander(

Top 25 iTtunes playlist.  I am rebuilding iTunes right now due to a computer crash.  Here is my top so far.

1. It’s A Long Way To The Top-Dropkick Murphy

2. Sitting On A Hilltop-US Navy Cadence

3.  Rockstar-Nickelback

4. The Slam-TobyMac

5. No Pain-US Navy Cadence

6. Johnny Be Good-US Navy Cadence(when it is done right as a cadence, it is awesome!)

7. Somebody,Anybody,Start A War-US Navy Cadence

8. Had A Dog Named Blue-US navy Cadence

9. Let Me Tell You About My Chief-US Navy Cadence

10. Runnin’ Through The Desert-US Navy Cadence

11. Kryptonie Live- 3Doors Down


Dang, that is a lot of cadence.  It must be PRT season.  Pocket Monkey also likes the cadences.  I suspect the chanting format stimulates his inner Chamorro.  I saw some traditional stuff when I was on Guam.  Yes, they chant.  Much like our Native Americans.

As for the cadences, they are a blueprint.  A good cadence caller can improvise a good cadence with a basic theme.  For example, “Running through the desert” can turn into, “Running from my wife”.




A day late and a dollar short

As others know, Neptunus Lex regrettably passed.  Another veteran has gone on to join his comrades in arms.  It is with much sorrow that I remove his blog from my links.  As is the US Navy tradition, we will ring him ashore.

Ding ding, ding ding. Neptunus Lex, Departing.

Remember all, we have a sure and certain hope that the sea will one day give up its dead.

Victim Intervention

Today, we got to sit through a seminar on how to prevent people from becoming victims.  The videos were predictably cheesy, and allegedly based on true stories.  There is a major PSA campaign right now about “No sailor stands watch alone”.  That is true.  The ultimate question that arises is, would I help?  It was presented as a duty, which stands equal to being a sentry, to prevent and/or report attempted sexual assault.  As a former, and hopefully, soon to be again, CCW license holder, the question comes to would I use my weapon to prevent a sexual assault?  What if I read the situation wrong?  Do I chance losing my CCW?  What if I am so scared of losing my CCW that I don’t interfere and someone becomes a victim?  Do I keep my weapon concealed and use my wits?

I believe the safest course would be to keep the weapon holstered and try some verbal shucking and jiving, and then elevate levels of force as necessary. I decided to look at it from a clinical first aid/emergency responder scenario.  Perhaps along these lines,

“Miss, are you OK?  Is this man bothering you.”

If she answers that she is being bothered, confront the offender from a safe distance (survival gap).  “Hey dude, she ain’t interested. Take a hike”.

After that, everything depends on how the offender answers/reacts.  Remember, though, a gun in your pocket doesn’t make you right, nor does it make you law enforcement.  That being said, one of the reasons to use deadly force against someone is to prevent a serious offense(rape, murder,etc) against persons.  Let us analyze further.  You were unprovoked.  You could have walked away.  Nobody is the wiser.

When I put my Mrs. Snipe or Pocket Monkey as a victim, I hope to God someone will intervene.  On that level, I feel it is only right for me to intervene on someone’s behalf.  I believe in that case, it would be prudent to leave the weapon concealed until it becomes necessary.  Feel free to add your .02 in the comments section.

Final thought, if the female has a concealed pistol, she can say no very convincingly, and up to 10 times(CA compliant magazine).