Veteran’s Day 2013

I am enjoying this Veteran’s Day by spending my time with my wife, son, and friends. Those who I fight for. We don’t fight because we hate what’s in front of us. We fight because we love what’s behind us. Please support us and stand by us. If that’s not your thing, by all means, try to stand in front of us. Woe betide the wolf when I stand guard at the door.

I am not yet a veteran. As I am still active duty, I am more like a veteran in training. I chose to forego any of the free stuff, so that a vet in need might be able to take my spot.

Mrs. Snipe can testify that I usually get very emotional on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. Many of the vets that shaped my life have passed on. Some relatives, some teachers, all men of honor. Just last week, my Naval Science Instructor from high school passed away. Yet another name to add to my personal honor roll. A Vietnam vet and true renaissance man. He was one of the many reasons I chose to join the Navy.

Today, we chose to enjoy the freedoms that previous generations of vets have earned for us. We went to the park. We passed a football. We hiked. We had a discussion about veterans with Pocket Monkey’s favorite accomplice, whose parents are both vets.

Always remember. Someone’s son or daughter earned the freedoms that you enjoy today. As previously stated, a large chunk of my family tree and blog roll are veterans. Some left parts and pieces behind. Some still have night terrors. Some came out OK. We owe them all an immeasurable debt.

I encourage you to find a vet and buy them a sandwich or a coffee. It is a small gesture, but still appreciated. I never know what to say when someone thanks me for my service when I am wearing a military hat. I imagine most vets find themselves in a similar boat.

Please don’t let their sacrifice be for naught. Use and cherish your freedoms. Never be too busy to remember.

That is all. Fall out and carry out the plan of the day.


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