The Pursuit of Happiness

Call me old fashioned, but I believe that to pursue happiness one must get off their two-pack and actually, you know, pursue it.

Mrs. Snipe asked me about American politics one day. In true Snipe fashion, I summarized using my unique word view.

“You have two parties of thieves. One believes you should be allowed to pursue happiness, based on the Declaration of Independence, with little or no government interference. The other believes that happiness should be captured by the government, wrapped up, and delivered to their doorstep with taxpayer funds. A third party that is in the offing, believes both sides are nuts with power, and want a smaller government.”

Mrs. Snipe proceeded to ask me about the pursuit of happiness. I see the pursuit of happiness as being able to do things that make you smile. I like fishing, camping, shooting, and hunting. She likes cooking for us. Both constitute the pursuit of happiness in my world.

I see the pursuit of happiness much like I see a person’s religious preference. Yours might not work for me, but if it fits you and meets your needs, good on you. Follow it and do your utmost. I may try to sway you to my way, but I will think no less of you if you stay your own course.

As an afterthought, if one more Democrat says, “What difference does it make?” I will flood their office with so many letters that they won’t need to buy toilet paper for a long time.

That is all. Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day.


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