Sea stories

I feel we must take a break from the doom and glom to tell a funny anecdote.

I believe that sea stories have been around as long as the Navy. I was telling a sea story to my guys one day when work was slow.

The most recent cruiser I was on was on a 3 week mission to test some equipment, and generally antagonize a certain foreign power. That much is routine. As a snipe, I was given broad and unclassified strokes of the big picture. Fast forward to present day and a general purpose bull session. My story involved phrases such as “secret squirrel shit”, “all spark”, and classified beyond my clearance and pay grade”. One guy snidely remarked that it sounded like a movie, and asked if we had dropped a robot alien in the ocean.

Our CO had been walking around our area, and stealth entered into our shop. He motioned the guy that saw him to skip the formalities(attention on deck, e.g.). When one guy finally addressed the CO, he seemed disappointed that he didn’t get to hear the conclusion of the story.

Lucky for us, we weren’t talking about anything untoward.


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