A Country Boy Can Survive

Hank Williams, Jr. once famously sang about country folks surviving. With the impending government shutdown, I was discussing with Mrs. Snipe how far I was willing to go to feed the family. This will be a rundown of how us folks from “flyover country” and the South do business.

I will attempt to get a part time job if I must. I am willing to spend all day in the woods hunting squirrels, or gigging bullfrogs. I will fish until I have enough. I will not ask the state for permission to feed my family.

I am an American fighting man. I have gone tired, hungry, and scared to defend this nation. I will go tired and hungry to feed my family. If it gets bad enough, the cable gets cancelled. I have stuff I can sell. If I must give up my comfort for my family, I will.

I can save money by walking to work. My plan is that Pocket Monkey never realizes the depths of misery this will bring on. He and Mrs. Snipe will be kept warm with full bellies. I have a few pounds I can part with anyway. The rule of 3’s. I can go for 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. I will. If this country is still here in 2016, I have been taking names. If any politicians from my state supported any of these current fiascoes, they will not get my vote.


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