The BS Meter

In the course of my training as a leader of sailors, I have learned a few phrases that make my BS meter beep uncontrollably. The two biggest offenders are basically and technically. Another pearl of wisdom is that if it takes a person longer than ten seconds to answer a simple question, they are full of it. It seems to me that the phrase, “Let me be clear” should earn a spot on the BS meter. After the POTUS speech on 9/10, I realized that my BS meter was on full beep. Every BS phrase I have ever learned was uttered in that address. I came away feeling misled and generally bamboozled. Mrs. Snipe, with no formal training whatsoever in the art of detecting BS, opined that POTUS seemed full of it and confused.

Gentle readers, please ensure that your BS meters are calibrated and in use. That is all. Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day.


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