“You are never too poor to pay attention.” Dad.
“To meet a threat or challenge, you must be aware that it exists.” Every other safety stand down I have ever attended.

These days the military as a whole, is doing a lot to raise awareness of sexual assault. We are aware there is a problem. We are taking steps to eliminate the problem. Nick at breaks down the whole thing to bite size bits.

For my part as an HT1, I must be aware of the people around me on and off duty. If something untoward is going down; it is my duty as a Petty Officer and as a man to act. I was listening to the radio today and it was mentioned that trafficking in persons and sexual slavery still happens. You must be aware of it to combat it. If any female sailor(or anyone for that matter) has been a victim, I should be aware of the signs and encourage him/her to seek the appropriate care.

We have a whole host of things beyond sexual assault that we are trained to be aware of. Safety, OPSEC, leadership responsibilities, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide prevention and others. In my opinion, none of these problems will ever be completely solved due to the fallen nature of man.

The bottom line is being aware can save lives. Too many people walk around with their eyes half shut or their head inserted in their posterior. Be aware of your people. Know your people. Practice situational awareness at all times. We don’t need to wear reflective belts if we are aware of our surroundings(they are useful for some stuff, though).

I am also aware that today is the Army’s birthday, Flag Day, and National bourbon day. Happy birthday all and stay safe out there.

Until next time, keep yourself mentally awake, fall out and carry out the plan of the day.


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