Work and blogging

The difference between being an HT1 this time and HT1 last time is the sailors. I have HT2’s working in my shop that are solid. We are a small shop. HT2’s and HT1’s. That’s it. No Firemen, no HT3s. An HT2 has been in long enough to know the score. Mistakes happen. They are man enough to admit when they goofed and keep us out of the limelight(the bad spotlight). On the tender, I had a bunch of new misfits. Never a dull moment, but I took a lot of heat for various rookie mistakes. My shop also has 2 Eagle Scouts, of which I am one. That giu6ves us stuff to blow smoke about when the workload is slow.

We accomplished several complex tasks today while the boss HT1 is on leave. We succeeded and I was proud. I started following various blogs and plan to go through all my blog friends and add the links from their blog rolls that correspond to my interests and world view.

That is all. Be Prepared. Fall out, and carry out the plan of the day.


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