Cub Camp after action report

We had Family Camp this weekend. Since my permit has expired, I did not bring any firearms, but I did secret a combat knife on my person in case of emergency. A knife is not a gun, but it beats having nothing by a long shot. Pocket Monkey got to help build the log cabin fire for the ceremony, with the help of an older Cub and your humble scribe. We only had to use the first aid kit once, which was shocking considering the amount of little boys playing games at any given time. Much like Commander Salamander( ), I expect rain when I go camping. I brought rain gear for the entire household, and it didn’t even rain. So of course, now Mrs. Snipe thinks I am paranoid for bringing all the rain gear and first aid stuff. The number one rule of Scouting from new Scout to Eagle Scout is Be Prepared. Be prepared for what? Anything.
The boys got to fish and canoe this morning, and do some physical activity. As much as my Mom is not an outdoor adventure kind of person, even she realizes the value of Scouting after helping push my brother and I to Eagle Scout. We made boiled omelets, which I believe I expounded on a few posts back.

The Pocket Monkey liked canoeing best, which I love, because I am a watersport guy myself.

Until next time, Be Prepared; Fall out and carry out the plan of the day.


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