Brain puke

I was recently catching up on Lawdog’s files and it jogged some neurons in my gray matter.  I made HT1 again.  I am again called on to lead and train sailors in the finer arts of Navy Stuff.  One of my favorite Petty Officer First Classes told me that I was his hero for making HT1 twice.  That alone was worth the price of admission.  Every Friday we do cadence runs, also known as “Pride Runs”.  Unfortunately, all the cadences I know tend to leave peoples skivvies in a dog knot.  Pocket Monkey is about to graduate from second grade, and we have a school function to attend tomorrow.  As much as I wish I was in Chicago, the Pacific Northwest has some serious fun to be had.

We are taking Pocket Monkey’s Cub Scout Pack camping this weekend.  As an Eagle Scout, I try to abide by the BSA 10 essentials for going outside.  When Mrs. Snipe saw me buying a First Aid kit, she began to have a mini panic attack.  I explained to her that any group of 8-10 year old boys was bound to encounter a scraped knee or two.  My coworkers whole heartedly agree.  When filling out the leader/chaperone form, I asked if Navy First Responder counted for anything.  I was informed that if I was trained to patch a bullet hole, anything the boys might encounter would be easy pickings. 

Speaking of Cub Scouts, I am one of the younger leaders in the group, along with a guy from the National Guard.  As you may recall from the Good Samaritan post, I work pretty well with Army guys when the need arises.

Pocket Monkey is fixing to become a Bear Scout.  I am warming up my ghost stories and other camp fire stories for this trip.  I LOVE to camp.  Mrs.. Snipe wants to bring the air mattress, but I consider that cheating.  I learned how to use a pine tree and a poncho for a shelter.  More to follow after the fact.  Fall out and carry out the plan of the day.


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