Fire Adventure

Apparently, I am not the only one in the Snipe household that knows how to perform rapid response tasks during an emergency.  Mrs. Snipe and Pocket Monkey contained a brush fire until the pros arrived.  I was at work late that night so I missed it.

Mrs. Snipe noticed a growing fire out the back window.  She directed Pocket Monkey to call 911 and report it.  Meanwhile, she filled a bucket with water and started dousing the fire.  She kept going until the fire department arrived.  That is US Navy Rapid Response 101.  She explained that her goal was to keep the fire away from the cars in the adjacent parking lot.  I teased her when she told the story later that night when I got home.  She used a bucket of water, which is a lot better than nothing.  There is a fire extinguisher about 10 steps from our door, that is hard to see.

As always, a crowd gathered.  Nobody was helping.  Mrs. Snipe is not trained.  She has basic adult knowledge of how a fire works.  She has heard some of my stories.  Whether or not that helped her at the time, we will never know.  Mama Bear’s cub was in perceived danger and she acted.

I am very proud of Mrs. Snipe, the one woman bucket brigade.  I wish I would have been home to help.  I would have started barking orders and doing work, much like the Good Samaritan story from a while back.  Training is good.  Training is not always necessary.  Untrained people do extraordinary tasks all the time.  To all the looky-loos, next time grab a bucket.


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