Man your ship and bring her to life

My ship has been receiving the nautical equivalent of a high mileage tune-up.  Many major systems had been shut down for safety.  We have started bringing everything back online and it has been a pain. For the last 5 days, we have been working late.  A lot of water pipes ruptured when we pressed the systems up to check for leaks.  Apparently, breakers don’t like large volumes of water being sprayed on them.  I had duty for that one.  In this kind of situation, when the alarm goes off, the emergency party is all a-holes and elbows geting to their appointed place.  I called that one early in the AM at roll call.

“If you are on the Inport Emergency Team, expect problems and don’t go far.  We are bringing firemain back up today.”

I spoke those words first thing in the morning.  The water rupture happened shortly after lunch.

My shop owns four tanks and two major systems.  Several sensors had rusted toward stuck and needed freed.  We found an old way.  When one of the Engineman saw the contents of my tool bag, I think he grimaced.  It contained a pipe wrench, a cheater bar, and a big friendly mallet.

To summarize, we have been hammering stuck sensors free, activating major systems and cleaning up the mess that results when you bring big equipment out of lay-up.


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