Today, I took Mrs. Snipe and the Pocket Monkey to the USS Midway Museum in downtown.  It was mostly an early Mother’s Day present because Mrs. Snipe wanted to see Jessica Sanchez sing.  There were some good moments and bad moments.  The good was the general all around fun I have at museums.  A part of the crew of USS San Diego was present.  They looked sharp in their whites and represented the Navy well.  Pocket Monkey decided he wanted to be a “red guy”(crash and salvage/bomb squad) on the flight deck when asked by the tour guide.

Let us speak for a moment about respect.  I have learned since I was very young how to respect the US Flag and the National Anthem.  Ms. Sanchez is a Navy child.  Her papa is in the reserves.  Since she was on a US Navy ship museum, she opened with the National Anthem.  She sang it well, that is not my issue.  I put Pocket Monkey down and told him to stand up straight and face the flag during the song.  Since I was in civvies, I faced the flag and placed my hand over my heart(this called teaching Pocket Monkey by example), which I learned in Cub Scouts.  The sailors were in ranks, so only their Chief Petty Officer saluted, which is standard military etiquette.  Now for the civvies.  Over half of the men didn’t remove their hats.  WTH is this country coming to?  As is my custom, along with my hand over my heart, I closed my eyes and remembered those that will never return. That is what you do during the National Anthem.  According to custom and tradition, you may also sing along quietly if you so desire.  I suppose the emcee could have asked the men to remove their hats, but perhaps he figured they knew already.

That burr will be in my saddle for some time.  Until next time, fall out and carry out the plan of the day.


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