I am a sucker for lists.  When I see a list of the top whatever, I usually read it and compare notes through the lens of my experience.  Via CDR Salamander(

Top 25 iTtunes playlist.  I am rebuilding iTunes right now due to a computer crash.  Here is my top so far.

1. It’s A Long Way To The Top-Dropkick Murphy

2. Sitting On A Hilltop-US Navy Cadence

3.  Rockstar-Nickelback

4. The Slam-TobyMac

5. No Pain-US Navy Cadence

6. Johnny Be Good-US Navy Cadence(when it is done right as a cadence, it is awesome!)

7. Somebody,Anybody,Start A War-US Navy Cadence

8. Had A Dog Named Blue-US navy Cadence

9. Let Me Tell You About My Chief-US Navy Cadence

10. Runnin’ Through The Desert-US Navy Cadence

11. Kryptonie Live- 3Doors Down


Dang, that is a lot of cadence.  It must be PRT season.  Pocket Monkey also likes the cadences.  I suspect the chanting format stimulates his inner Chamorro.  I saw some traditional stuff when I was on Guam.  Yes, they chant.  Much like our Native Americans.

As for the cadences, they are a blueprint.  A good cadence caller can improvise a good cadence with a basic theme.  For example, “Running through the desert” can turn into, “Running from my wife”.





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