How to anger a patriot

I have written here about both the 10 Commandments and the Bill of Rights.  Now, the commies in charge are trying to amend the 1st Amendment.  Everyone laughed when we said after they butchered the 2nd Amendment, they would come for the rest.  Always remember, the 2nd Amendment is the defender of the rest.  Via :

The Founding Father valued freedom of speech so highly that they placed it even before the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights. Obviously their main concern was not the right to distribute pornography or to shout obscenities on street corners, but political speech — which is precisely what Democrats want to amend the Constitution to suppress.  The whole story is here

So, the liberals want to change free speech?  I think they are aware that freedom is dangerous to their agenda.  Here is a video via mark Levin:

Ultimately, any individual can be defined as a corporation.  I feel that free political speech is the most important kind of free speech.  We need to shine the light on this dark corner of American politics.  That is all.


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