Gun Stuff

I am from WV.  I grew up around guns.  When I turned 21 I wanted to buy a pistol before I wanted to buy a beer(I turned 25 before I finally got one due to duty locations and such).  I regularly read gun blogs.  I currently own 1 pistol, 2 bolt action rifles, and a shotgun.  The shotgun was inherited from my late paternal grandfather.  Dad is safekeeping it until I return east.

The pistol is an SW 99 chambered for .40 cal.  I am competent with it and I enjoy carrying it and shooting it.  When my CCW was active, I carried every time I went to Utah just because I could.

My first bolt action rifle was a Marlin .22 Buckaroo.  I got it when I was 8 years old.  I can plink all day and only spend 40 bucks.

My hunting rifle is a Winchester Model 70 chambered for .270.  “The Rifleman’s Rifle”.  I bought it in CA.  The 30-06 version was used byUSMC sniper plattoons in Vietnam.  I opted for .270 because of where I typically hunt.

I also have a .50 cal Kentucky Long Rifle in blackpowder.  It extends my hunting season and I remember Hawkeye using a similar rifle in Last of the Mohicans.  Dad bought one for me and brother to when we were in junior high school.





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