The combat mindset

The shooting in Florida has generated some discussion in the house as to who was right and who was wrong.  First things first though, there is a reason a jury is made up of 12 men and not 2.  All human life is valuable, and the decision to take a life is not to be made lightly.  No one gets a prize for guessing the verdict before the jury.  I don’t mind discussions about my beliefs.  It is good to defend what and why I believe.

I believe, based on Holy Scripture, that there are certain very clearly defined reasons to take another life, i.e. capital punishment(Deuteronomy has several instructions regarding this).

Now for the practical side.  There is a 5 step scale from white to red.  White, orange, yellow, red, black.  Either extreme is bad.  The question I posed to Mrs. Snipe is this:  If I ever find my self in the same situation, do I shoot the guy or let him possibly injure me for life.  I know my answer.  I typically walk around SoCal in orange.  Orange is aware but not hostile.  White is oblivious.  Black is likened to being blacked out while drunk.  Neither is a good place to be.

I can second guess the guy all day long.  I wasn’t there.  End of story.  How he allowed the assailant to get so close baffles me.  Again, I wasn’t there.  As a formerly licensed CCW guy (it expired while I was overseas), I really hope the guy is found innocent.

If I was there, here is what I hope I would have done.

Professional presence.  You’re on watch. Check

Simple verbal commands. “Stop. Turn around. Step away.”

The next steps may be skipped based on the situation.  At all times, mind the reaction gap or survival gap.

Soft controls.  Basic judo.

Intermediate weapons.  OC spray, baton, etc.  When I got my CCW, the instructor highly advised we get some sort of state legal intermediate option.  He emphasized that shooting someone is permanent, and even if you did it right, a legal hassle.

Hard control.  Punches, kicks, biting, etc.

Finally, we get to deadly force.  Last resort.  Order of halt when appropriate(see verbal commands above.)  All lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed.

My arm-chair quarterbacking simply wonders how he let the guy get so close.  If I was in the same situation, I believe I would have fired, if I couldn’t use any of the other methods.  I hope I would never let an assailant get that close.  My Dad was fond of saying, “It is better to be judged by 12 than carried by six”.  I agree.  All steps in the deadly force chain above are public knowledge.  Other services do it slightly different, but the same overall intent.


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