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I have deleted some dead links.  When real life is not so busy, I plan to retool the link heading into a more nautical format.  I am also adding to my daily reads.  Along with he was one of the first blogs I really read before starting this little a train wreck of a blog.  I will add my .02 to a few bits of nausea floating around the public domain.

The Martin spectacle.  I wasn’t there.  I can recite the rules of deadly force from memory.  Wife thinks Mr. Zimmerman overreacted.  I doubt it.  On the way to a store we like in an “ethnically diverse” part of San Diego, we saw a big black SUV with stickers urging white people to go back to hell.  Whatever.  I carried weapons for watch when I was stationed on the auxiliary ship.  We were told that if we ever shot somebody, even if we were stone cold right, we would be second guessed by JAG, NCIS and a host of other groups.  When I got my civilian concealed weapons license, I was told the same thing, but sub in Local LEOs, ATF, etc.  All I want for both parties is a fair and accurate investigation without bias by media and BHO.  I strongly suspect, despite my comments above, that Mr. Zimmerman acted appropriately.

Tobacco stuff.  I tried smoking a tobacco pipe the other day and enjoy it immensely.  I still puff on cigars, too.  Shameless plug here for Racine and Laramie cigar shop.  It is the first in San Diego and still in the same family a few generations later.  The best part is they dress in period correct clothing because they are in Old Town.  As a long time history nerd, I loved it.

The Supreme Court’s whole purpose is to strike down unconstitutional laws, Mr. President. Enough said.


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