Beans and adventures.

While I am waiting for the remainder of my household goods to arrive, I have been surviving adventure style.  Dinner this evening will be black beans with sausage and onions.  That will also be lunch for a few days.  My bed is a twin inflatable air mattress.  The beverages of choosing have been dollar store knockoffs, unless the Safeway has something for less on sale.  One night, I will probably make a Boy Scout Dinner.  Chopped beef, and veggies wrapped in tin foil and baked.  Simple, filling food, and minimum cleanup.  While exploring my new neighborhood, I found a nice looking deli.  I will probably try them for lunch one day this weekend.  Until my TV gets here, along with all of my DVDs, I have been entertaining myself by reading.  My Dad and I had a good laugh at my current situation last night.  I am living, for a brief moment, like he did when he first got divorced until he got his apartment furnished.  I will say, the occasional humble living situation is pretty good medicine.


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