Wow. Just wow.

My fiance’s sister really doesn’t want us to get married.  She keeps making up stories that are proved to be BS.  These are doozies folks.  When we first started dating, I keenly observed my fiance’s family members.  It turns out that her sister doesn’t want to be asked to fill her sister’s shoes helping her mom clean the church.  The future MIL for her part, realizes the stories for the bull they are.  We had a pretty good talk on the phone today about everything.    End rant.

In other news, it turns out that many of my Dad’s lessons apply today.  I have a set budget for food inorder to help my fiance with her plane ticket when the time comes.  When I was in high school, my Dad gave me a set amount of money for lunch.  I learned that if I ate in the cafeteria 4 days a week, I could afford two slices of pizza at the pizza place across the street on Friday.  Fast forward about a decade or so, and I am realizing that if I buy my meals at the exchange, which is cheaper than the galley if I’m smart, I can afford a casual sit down dinner one day on the weekend.


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