A legal immigrant, working hard and about to move up gets shot for listening to the gunman’s instruction.  I would rather go down fighting.  My carry gun of choice, a .40 SW 99, gives me 10 chances to turn the tables.  The OC spray I use on Guam due to lack of concealed carry permission on Guam gives me about fifteen seconds worth of escape or evasion.  My prayers are with his family.  Afterthought, why is it so often the people that are trying to do the right thing the ones that get hurt.  Excerpt below.  Emphasis mine.

 Gurpreet Singh was working his final shift as a 7-Eleven clerk, before moving on next week to full-time job at a hospital, when he was gunned down during a robbery. Police say they can’t explain why Singh, 35, was shot in the abdomen early Wednesday even after complying with the gunman’s instructions to hand over his register’s cash in a bag. “He didn’t put up a struggle at all,” said homicide Detective Jeff Cowdrey. “He did what he was supposed to do and got shot for it.”


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  1. It’s amazing that basic logic doesn’t work with some folks. They’ll say “oh don’t resist and you’ll be OK.”

    This is the essential truth right here. You won’t always be OK. So you either have a fighting chance, or you don’t.

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