What a week!

Some of my boys(and 1 girl) decided to participate in the Guam Gear race number 9.  I got roped into being thier support driver.  That made me the all purpose water/food/first aid guy.  We had a post race party at our house after the official one winded down.  The girl I am now dating called and she came over as well.  She has repeatedly told me that she likes honest people, but all the folks that were there had the potential to be too much honesty at once.  The 1 girl(Q) had been drinking a good bit, but in her defense, we all had.  When the girl I am dating, Ms. L for short, got there, she was greeted by a bunch of Hull Techs that had been drinking and partying for a good bit of hours.  Q decided to engage Ms. L in conversation and it turned into 20 questions.  Roommate redirected Q on question number four.  Honestly, I was expecting the worst.  Ms. L turned to me and said, “I like her.  She doesn’t bullshit.”  That was doubly hillarious because Ms. L has used two or fewer cuss words since I knew her, and some of Q’s questions were a little bit direct.  All in all, it was a good week.


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