Petty Officer 101

As some of you may know, the navy’s advancement list came out shortly ago.  For all the brand new E-4s, there is a class they must sit through, called PO Indoc.  The First Class Mess generally handles this.  I volunteered to instruct “The Petty Officer’s Place in Naval History.”  It is the last unit and designed to make them proud to be Petty Officers.  I realized today what kind of noncom I am.  There are the good, the bad, and the other.  I was rocking out to Trent Tomlinson in my truck as I finished my lunch and one of my “sea sons” came over to BS with me until the class resumed.  There are some PO1’s nobody wants to go near.  We had a barbecue this weekend and a bunch of my roommate’s sea children were present.  As we meandered into the lobby all of the HTs there came over to shoot the breeze for a minute.  The fact that a dozen-ish brand new HT3’s aren’t afraid to come over and talk to me made me feel pretty good.  I guess and hope that makes me one of the good HT1s, in the model of Sergeant Big Tobacco, whose blog is apparently defunct.


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