I knew this was a bad idea

I need a reason to workout beyond keeping my job.  When I took the friendly bet in the previous post, I figured that would give me 6 weeks of umph.  For my three loyal readers, I intend to track my progress.  My starting weight is 221 pounds, with a goal of 194.  The calisthenics looked a lot easier in the book.  I went into the gym today and I figured I would plug my Ipod into my ears and ignore everybody.  I was using a 4 pound or an 11 pound medicine ball for the exercises that required weight bearing.  I was the only guy doing calisthenic exercises.  On the fifth set of medicine ball woodchoppers, I wanted to say forget it.  I managed to force my body to complete its mision.  During the workout, everything was hurting the way it should(quads burning during squats, etc).  When I left the gym, I stopped briefly to shoot the breeze with a shipmate.  When I went to walk down the stairs, one of my legs buckled.  Thus far, the Ranger prep workout that inspired this bet is sufficiently challenging.  I am going to substitute walking my dobie while I wear a weight vest for ruck marching, as I am not planning to go to Ranger School and I am too old for NSW.  The purpose here is mainly to train past my goal.  As mentioned in the previous post, if I can pass a Spec Ops test, my semi-annual Navy PRT should be just another PT day.  HOO-YAH!


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