Where I’ve been

Y’all are probably wondering where the heck I’ve been.  I have been stuck on delinquent study for a bit to finish bringing my quals up to par.  I have finally got all that up to snuff.  We were also preparing for a big bad inspection by anal engineer types.  It got pushed out some because more necessary tasks came down the pipeline. 

We are feeling the crunch in Uncle Sugar’s Yacht Club also.  A lot of transfers and bonuses got poo-pooed.  Many of my people are looking intently into transfers to other services.  I personally was considering the Army Warrant Officer Program for a minute or two.  Some say a degree is required, some don’t think it is.  I think I would have qualified due to experience for some of the technical fields.  I decided to stay Navy. 

My roommate and I decided to quit dorking around on the fitness front, get on the bus, snd stay fit, as opposed to panicking and taking extreme measures once every six months.    We shall see how that goes.


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