Inspired by item one from the previous past.  I had just moved from one apartment in a bad neighborhood to an apartment in a better suburb of San Diego.  I had talked to my buddy the Sheriff’s Deputy about how to legally move my edged weapons in my vehicle.

“Put ’em in a toolbox in the backseat of your truck.”

Easy enough.  On the following Monday I reported for duty at NAVSTA San Diego.  I forgot to remove one toolbox from my truck that happened to have a doubled bladed diver’s knife.  I had met my new Chief and was on my way to personnel to square away my BAH.

On the way from BFE Parking Lot, I was flagged down by some Masters-at-Arms doing random vehicle contraband checks.  I declared the Leatherman in my console but forgot about the toolbox with the diver’s knife.  They found it. 

I found myself being frisked by the MAs and being told,  “Place your hands behind your head and face away from the sound of my voice.  You are suspected of violating instruction umptysquat.” 

I apparently was let off because hey forgot to tell me about Article 31 of the UCMJ, the military version of the Miranda Rights before asking questions.


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