Search And Rescue

The SAR Swimmers in the Navy have a motto.  “So Others May Live”.  These men can expect to be lowered by harness into rough waters to rescue a fellow mariner in danger.  I like this motto.  My CG once found itself in Caboo San Lucas Mexico during spring break season many years ago.  My liberty buddy and I were flirting with what turned out to be peacenik chicks.  I don’t salivate at the prospect of killing or dying for my country.  Given the choice, I will choose the former every single ever loving time.  When these somewhat inebriated ladies figured out we were servicemen(hmm, short hair, and a white guy and an Indian drinking together, in Mexico, what gave it away?) they asked why we chose to do it.  My answer was “So others may live”.  Anybody that has read this blog for more than two posts will probably realize I am trained in armed and unarmed combat.  I have used quotes from our Founding Fathers previously in this blog because those men knew of what thy spoke, and many were combat veterans at a time when combat was up close and messy.  I didn’t score a hot college chick because I might one day kill for my country.  Oh well, my little brother still slept safely in his bed that and many other nights.  Kiss my hairy stern hippie chick.


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