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Rough day at work.  An average US Navy sailor’s non PT day goes from 0715 to 1630, give or take.  Overseas, max liberty possible for morale is supported, but the work needs done.  So today, I found myself on a project as supervisor(pardon my vagueness, Mr. OPSEC strikes again).  I can work my guys until 2000 with Chief’s blessing.  This week, it has been necessary.  Today, I gave HT2 a break and I volunteered for what is essentially baby sitting duty.  I didn’t leave our ship until 2015.  I got home at nearly 2100.  Then I did what all snipes do after a nasty day.  I poured a whiskey and cued up “Cherokee Fiddle” by Johnny Lee on iTunes.  “Good whiskey never lets you lose your place.”


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