Front row seat to history

As I have been perusing the blogs I read, I realized one thing.  I have had front row seats to tomorrow’s history.  I very distinctly remember Sadaam’s capture thanks to one Damage Controlman Third Class(E-4 firefighter).  On the CG, it was my habit to sleep in my shop on duty days when I was the Duty Fire Marshal.  Everyone could find me, and I never got more than a couple hours sleep anyway.  It was early in the morning, and DC3 came tearing ass into the shop and woke me up thus: HT2, WAKE UP! WAKE UP!.  Being woke up like that as Fire Marshal usually means the fertilizer has hit the ventilator.  I bolt up and get ready to run to wherever.  “Dude, turn on the TV.”  There, in living color, was Sadaam being pulled out of a spider hole by some US soldiers.  I will probably remember that day as long as I live thanks to DC3 M.


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