F’ng YouTube

So now YouTube is pulling pro military videos.  They must want to impress the ruling class.  I got to sit through an interesting “Career Management Brief” the other day.  The Navy is the best deal around, but good luck staying with the coming drawdown, and the civvie sector might not have anything for you.  I usually zone out during these wastes of man hours and taxpayer dollars.  Luckily, if worst comes to worst, I have connections at GE, Northrop Grumman, and a Chemical Agent Disposal firm.  I thought i just reached the “Golden handshake” and now they are changing the bar again.  It seems to me, that every time there is a military drawdown, something happens, and we are caught short.  In other news, grown-ups need baby-sitting.  Now, the HT2, or I have to babysit grown men on a job site because THEY IS LAZY AND DUMB.  The kicker is, we still have to find time to do our admin.  I think they might need Saturday school for a wake up call.  I remember Navymen being made of sterner stuff when I was coming up.  I haven’t left before 1730 for nearly the last week.  I worked with tile, drywall, and a host of other things as a high school kid with all OJT, and we did pretty OK.  Blogging will probably be even more sporadic than usual.  Who knows, if I have to join one of those other services, that will probably lead to all kinds of new blog fodder/


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