Good rant

has a great rant about the pussification of america.

When I see a kid who acts like the f’ng world owes him something, I know good and damn well it’s because he’s been locked in a f’ng bubble his whole damn life cuz mommy and daddy were too afraid to ever let him get hurt on his own, make his own freaking mistakes, etc. So yeah, the generation entering the workforce does indeed have a problem and that problem is AGEISM. Ageist over-protective stupidity that’s permeated our society has created a generation of FREAKING PUSSIES!

Read the whole thing.  I first started this blog to document the effect of the pussification of America on the US Sailor.


One thought on “Good rant

  1. Oh! Hell! YEAH! I couldn’t agree more if I wrote the damn article myself! My wife is a teacher, and listening to what she has to deal with every day, I’d be in prison for “abuse” if I had to deal with it!

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