Navy noncom stuff

Petty Officer is the term the Navy generally uses for its noncoms until the grade of Warrant Officer, which, though not commissioned, are not considered Petty Officers.  Petty Officers are appointed by the CO, Warrants carry a “warrant of service” from the CNO, and commissioned officers get their commission from Congress.  E-6 Petty Officers are known generically as PO1.  I am an HT1.  HT is my rate, MOS for you Army guys.  PO1s have two basic MOs.  I lead from the front, and I help my people.  If my boys, or one girl are right, they know that thier HT1 will step up and whoop ass if necessary.  Others don’t use the proper methods for the care and feeding of the American sailor method because they are all about numero uno.  Some admin guys are work phobic.  We were in Repair Admin to get new liberty passes because two guys had their passes fall overboard during a material onload.  We were there ten minutes PRIOR to closing time.  Thye YN2 down there was upset because it was the “last minute”.  I got to try the HT1 method of personal relations.

‘YN2″ I said, emphasizing the 2, “your door says you are open until 1500.  It is 1450.  You’re open.  GET THESE SAILORS THEIR PASSES!”  I wanted to say and eat shit, but my brain mouth filter kicked in.


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