New Stuff

The Christmas Season is quite busy on Guam, hence the lack of posts.  Perusing old memes gave me a couple of ideas. 

When I was stationed in San Diego, some advice of my Dad came to the surface.  When I left town, my Dad gave me what I know as “The Traveler Speech.”  Dad isn’t eloquent, but he can get his point across. 

“Son, you will hear a lot of sob stories from hookers and vagrants.  You will, as a good Christian, want to help.  Buy a meal.  Do not under any circumstance give them money.”

I was at a popular seafood chain that features crabs, and a hooker propositioned me.  Of course, she had a “hooker with a heart of gold story”, but I wasn’t buying what she was selling.  Dad’s advice grabbed me in m confusion, and to make a long story short, I bought her a meal.


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