Much news

The promotion list came out a few weeks back.  My name was one of ten in my specialty.  I had to pass a complete Physical Fitness Assessment,  A lot of excercising and dehydration tactics.  I made it.  I posted 12:47 on 1.5 miles.  The HT2 soon to be my right hand man ran with me to keep me focused.  Hence the lack of posts.  Every waking minute I was active.  Now for the Neandertahals of the day.  The Navy frowns upon rework.  Carpentry and decking are fairly unforgiving.  Metal can be ground out and done over.  Not so with wood and tile.  A 12 square foot space vinyl tile job became FUBAR.  As I am soon to be HT1 I caught the hell from the higher ups.  “Knuckle-dragging f#*ks, Neanderthals, and romper room” were all heard.  I worked at a tile store in High School, and did side-jobs with uncle, and I don’t remember vinyl tile being terribly difficult.  Lucky for my merry band of idiots, it is only about 300 dollars worth of rework.  Now, I get to QC every step after they *think* they are done, if not be on top of them from A until done.  I used to be a QA Inspector.  They won’t like my inspections.  I also had to consult THE BOOK to write a work procedure on the fourth grade reading level.  Oh, the joys of Repair.


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