Recent military history

I have a semi-professional interest in military history.  Every great warrior has studied the strategy and tactics of great warriors of battles past.  My library contains everything from “The Art of War” by Sun Tsu to a plethora of books about military operations.  I say all that to say this.  Ever since we began bombing the terrorists in their turf, they have avoided our turf.  I don’t care why the war started.  I feel that it was fundamentally proper.  A few weeks patrolling your own coast with ready weapons will do that to a mind.  That is one operation that I never wanted to repeat, but will do so in a heartbeat if it is required again.  One popular theory holds that Iraq was a smokescreen for some dirty dirty to go down in Afganistan.  A lot of junior sailors think the war is BS.  I hold disdain for those sailors.  My “fruit salad” holds several ribbons for serving in hostile foreign waters.  On shore duty, we did loads of efficiency training to save money from our budget to put towards the war effort.  I feel that if we leave now, it will be Korea again.  We could’ve gone for all the marbles, but we didn’t.  Some Koreans are less than enthusiastic about that.  I still hold those soldiers from that era in high regard.  Any man or woman that marches toward the sound of the guns when there country calls, gets my respect.  Many of the blogs on my blogroll posted some wonderful poems by Rudyard Kipling.  I agree.


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