A crazy story from Japan

A lot of military folk use sports supplements to help keep in shape.  Roommate and I are no exception.  On a trip to Japan a while back, roommate learned that testosterone boosters and booze don’t mix.  This came up in a conversation the other day.  I am mild mannered.  If I said something like, “I will gouge out your eyes and skull f%$# you until your thumbs twitch” it wouldn’t be believable.  If he said it, people would probably run for cover.  Said roommate got pissed off at something while drinking in the haunch in Japan and tried to take on three bars at once.  Kicking in doors and shore patrol and his liberty buddy trying to reign him in.  He lucked out because the duty people in important positions were all HTs, and we take care of our own.  Lucky him.


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